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Vaulting events are very well covered by a number of photographers taking pictures in pretty difficult situations. Backgrounds are tough and usually consist of poles, fences, wires, trucks, cars and a variety of other rude objects. I have photographed two vaulting events and think my place is to photograph mostly behind the scenes and the practice events that others are not watching.

Vaulting is a sport that centers on equestrian horseman ship skills blended with dance, music and ballet. Put all this together with a horse, a whip, and a lunger in an arena and you have a unique sports event. Until being invited by Emma and Scott Seely, I had never been to a Vaulting event.

Orientation : 1

Resolution Unit : 2

Equip Model : FinePixS2Pro

Equip Make : FUJIFILM

Date Time : 2007:06:12 12:22:09

Y Resolution : 72/1

X Resolution : 72/1

YCbCr Positioning : 1

copyright by Ronald J. Saunders